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How it Works

While it sounds like magic, it is more about the science and math! Each day, your wearable tracks more than 250,000 of your health and fitness metrics. These metrics include but are not limited to: Active Energy, Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability and Sleep Data. SickPredict™ uses its revolutionary, machine-learning algorithms to analyze this data and provides you with a daily SickNumber™ to assess the likelihood of you getting sick. To learn more about the SickNumber™ risk levels, check out our FAQs.

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About the App

SickPredict™ uses its revolutionary, machine-learning algorithms to analyze more than 250,000 of your health and fitness metrics and provides you with a daily SickNumber™.

who we are

About Us

Health Logic Global, LLC, the developers of SickPredict™ App were inspired by these challenging times to do something different. They were determined to find a more proactive manner to determine if a person was getting sick before they had a temperature and other symptoms, which meant it was far too late.

Over the past several years, many highly respected universities and research institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT and Scripps conducted extensive studies to test the ability of wearables to monitor and track health metrics to predict illness. Recently, additional research studies have demonstrated very positive results in the accuracy of predicting illness from health data that is extracted from your wearable like the Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin, Oura and more. SickPredict™ App uses this research and calculates, in real-time, your personalized SickNumber™ to help anticipate any upcoming changes in your health in advance of experiencing symptoms!

New Possibilities


Anticipates changes in your health

Based on the latest research, we can now predict oncoming illness with an accuracy of 80+%. It is not perfect, but the scientific results have been conclusive in using certain data collected by wearables to proactively identify potential changes in your health.

Tracks your health over time

The SickPredict™ App not only calculates your daily SickNumber™, it tracks your history and provides Early Warning Indicator charts, which are updated daily and include up to 12 months of your historical data.

Sends daily updates

SickPredict™ App automatically sends you daily notifications of your SickNumber™, which you can customize to be sent at the time of your choosing.

Sends Automatic Notifications

The SickPredict™ App automatically notifies you when there is a change in your SickNumber™ level, when it is elevated and when it lowers again! No more guessing or having to constantly check the App.

SickPredict™ Watch Face

✓ View your Daily SickNumber™ directly on your watch face.

✓ Receive notifications when there are changes in your risk level.

✓ View important health data right from your wearable.

Share your data with your medical team

The SickPredict™ App can provide easy access to your data to share with your medical team for historical tracking/progress.
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SickPredict™ – A Game Changer
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“SickPredict™ came through for me. It gave me an early warning to call my doctor, instead of rushing to the ER and possibly ending up in the ICU. Thank you SickPredict™!”

Mary C. – Corning, NY

“I love SickPredict™ and I tell everyone I care about to use it.”

Steven S. – Boca Raton, FL

“This is a groundbreaking concept. Imagine the potential impact of this technology on reducing the spread of illnesses. This is exciting.”

Dr. Robert N. - Olney, IL

“When I received the standard flu shot the other day, my SickNumber™ skyrocketed within 24 hours and then after another 24 hours went back to normal. To me, it was further proof that the SickPredict™ App works!“

Cindy C. – Englewood, C
“As a healthcare professional, checking my SickNumber™ and risk level daily has become a reassuring habit.”
Kathy H. – Baltimore, MD

“As a physician, getting my patients to pay attention to their health is imperative and doesn’t happen as frequently as it should. The SickPredict™ App encourages its users to pay attention to their health every day.“

Dr. Mark B. – Los Angeles, CA

“This is an App that can make a difference for my patients. Imagine the far-reaching impact on public health.”

Dr. Alicia R. – Miami, FL

“Not only does SickPredict™ tell me when I’m getting sick, it shows me important health info from my Apple Watch – all in one place and in easy to read charts.”

Marilynn A. – Denver, CO

“I know it’s not foolproof, but it gives me a good indication that something may be going on with my health!”

Michael P. – Cooper City, FL
“This app really is a “Game Changer”! Wish I found it sooner. SickPredict™ gives comfort having a sense of my daily health”
Carlos M. – Minneapolis, MN

“It’s easy to set up and use. The SickPredict™ App gives me the comfort of knowing that I’ll have some kind of warning when my health data is changing.”

Susan S. – Indianapolis, IN

“The SickPredict™ App gives me an extra layer of support when I’m trying to keep track of a serious health condition.”

Rob W. – Louisville, KY
“During this pandemic, I’m so tired of guessing whether I’m getting sick or not. SickPredict™ is amazing tech that actually works! I use it every day. I just wish it was launched sooner!”
Jess S. – Portland, ME

“All I had to do is download the app, leave it and it literally does the rest! When there’s a change in my health, SickPredict™ App automatically lets me know!”

Corin O. – Davie, FL
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